Empathy is the people skill which sets young leaders apart

Harness your innate empathy for better performance as a manager

Get your team working well together as a cohesive, productive group

Empathy Training sets your Culture Benchmark

The tidal wave of change and opportunity created by the pandemic is prompting leaders to reshape their organisations as a great place to be. Leaders are looking for better ways to support their people so they can thrive, both personally and professionally.  

A surprising solution has come to the fore – workplace cultures can be transformed by harnessing empathy – a resource which all human beings can readily access.

empathy training helps retain best staff

Leaders are smart to consider this, there is solid data backing empathy as the #1 attribute of effective managers. Having the skills to navigate people issues in an empathy informed way helps managers feel confident, effective and worthy. In turn, this kind of manager helps their people feel safe and valued.  

Empathetic cultures – where people feel safe and valued – have been shown to enjoy:

>> Higher morale
>> Lower staff turnover
>> Better collaboration, motivation and team spirit
>> Rapid team bonding
>> Less stress and more resilience

Happy teams have so much empathy

We begin with our signature empathy training workshop.

Held over 8 hours, it’s immersive, fast paced and engaging. It upskills participants and create a common language, culture and norms.

The empathy skillset has never been appropriately valued nor taught. These innate skills are there to be harnessed. Empathy is easily applied to create better working and personal relationships and increase confidence managing people

Within teams empathy practices improve trust, psychological safety, communication and belonging.

Significant benefits also flow to customers, including customer experience mapping, insight, innovation and resonant communication.

Empathy Training Benefits

Empathy can be focussed in towards your culture and out towards your customers

Over 90% of employees wish for an empathetic manager. Empathetic people skills encourage your most valuable people to stay, grow and thrive. Treating customers with empathy inspires, delights and creates innovation opportunities.

Empathy covers perspective taking, open mindedness, listening, validation and knowing how to respond – all explored in one simple framework, in one immersive workshop