Accelerated Empathy Foundations Workshop Formats

Our workshop programs can be delivered either in person (Sydney or Wollongong), virtually via Zoom or in a hybrid format

Our immersive workshop format moves rapidly through the content. We use gamified learning techniques and complete frequent tasks to apply what has been learned to your specific context. The content overview is below

Format 1 –
One Full Day

Virtual via Zoom anywhere in Australia. In person in Sydney. Hybrid model available, please ask.

Workshop held over one full working day (generally) 9 am to – 5pm day, with 3 breaks (of around 70 minutes)

Group size from 5 people (minimum) to 45 people (maximum)

Includes 2 workbooks and engaging prep work and follow up session

Format 2 –
Consecutive Half Days

Virtual via Zoom anywhere in Australia. In person in Sydney. Hybrid model available, please ask.

Workshop held 2 consecutive half days in 4 hour sessions with 2 breaks (of around 40 minutes)

Group size from 5 people (minimum) to 45 people (maximum)

Includes 2 workbooks and engaging prep work and follow up session

Format 3 –
2 Day Residential

In person, preferably residential, in Greater Sydney or Wollongong

Workshop held over 2 consecutive days from 9.30am to 4.30pm, including 3 breaks

Includes 2 workbooks, additional time on team tasks and a team bonding activity

Group size from 10 people (min) to 30 people (max)

Content Overview


What empathy is, myths about empathy, the empathy opportunity and the multiple ways empathetic behaviour underpins high performance and cultural enrichment.

THE “HOW TO” OF EMPATHY – Explore the 5 skills of the P.O.L.A.R™ model in depth.

1. Perspective Taking – considering perspectives from with other’s frame of reference – understanding and respecting the stakes of situations

2. Open Mindedness – curiosity replaces assumptions and judgement, recognising potential for unseen bias and creating anti bias protocols

3. Listening – empathy skills enable us to enter the world of other people.  Improve listening by paying close attention to verbal and non verbal cues and demonstrating insight in conversation

4. Acknowledgement – establishing shared understanding and acknowledging the feelings of others is the secret sauce of empathy

5. Response – how to respond to people’s needs in a genuine way, suggestions for tactics to support people and offer encouragement, help or guidance


Empathy and emotion are inextricably linked, so we briefly divert from empathy into the world of emotion, including self awareness, emotional regulation and social learning.

We explore self empathy, assisting participants with a deeper awareness of emotional responses (their own and others) and better management of their overall well being.

The Elevate Empathy P.O.L.A.R. Model

Our model systematically presents each of the behavious of empathy, synthesising the latest neuroscience with psychological theory and applying it to practical, every day, team behaviours.  

Program Bonuses


An A4 workbook will capture learning from the P.O.L.A.R™ modules, including additional information and task directions. A private journal will be used for the Understanding Emotions module, which will include your customised self empathy prescription – value $60 pp


1/ Prior to the workshop we host a “Set up for Success” session between your senior facilitator and team leaders to customise the session to meet your specific needs. We ask for organisational context, take your leaders through the day stage by stage and draw out “live” issues to be used for group tasks or sample role plays in the session.

2/ Participants are invited to prepare for the workshop with carefully curated resources, (high engagement videos) to pique their interest and position empathy as a valuable personal and collective skillset with potential to improve both job performance and relationships.


A facilitated 2 hour session with designated team representatives designed to expand upon or reinforce 1 or 2 specific areas of content which we couldn’t cover in depth during in an accelerated session.

Light on content and heavy on group work, these sessions include exercises and problems, games and role plays of live issues.

Clients have used their bonus sessions to:

  • Map out where to inject empathy into Customer Experience
  • Create a methodology to support CSO’s by utilising the power of the POLAR framework for external customer conversations
  • Develop a set of empathy protocols to support direct caregivers, adapting the POLAR framework for everyday interactions.
  • Role play customised scenarios to further practice listening, acknowledgement and responding
  • Applying the POLAR framework on internal coaching conversations

    SESSION VALUE $1,500


In many groups some people have become very interested in the topic of empathy, so we curated numerous videos, podcasts, articles etc and include access to this resource to participants.


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