Build Your Own Intelligent Empathy Skills Workshop

Placing intelligent empathy at the centre of your culture makes work (and life) better for teams AND customers.

This is how you train it.

How it Works

Practical, evidence based neuroscience and psychology

Fast paced, immersive and task oriented, featuring team learning

Presented with games, stories, metaphor and mixed media

Virtual learning with hybrid options and choice of workshop formats

Why it Works

Enhanced awareness and understanding of self and others

Teams apply what they’re learning to your specific context

Content is compelling, memorable and instantly applicable

Flexible models suit requirements of diverse teams

Build Your Own Intelligent Empathy Workshops According to Need

Culture Leaders

Line Managers

Sales & Marketing

Customer Experience

Human Flourishing

Connected, High Performance Culture
Confident, Empathetic People Skills
Magnetic Offers and Communication
Empathy Drives Customer Centricity
Strong, Caring, High EQ Team Members

> Building a high EQ organisation with consistent, living values
> Raising collective empathy with human centred systems
> Harnessing empathy to build trust and psychological safety
> Competitive advantage from high organisational EQ
> The power of inclusion and cohesion
> Articulating principles and standards

60 minute session

POLAR Overview

> Empathetic listening for care conversations
> Taming your desire to solve problems for others
> Creating a safe space
> Articulating emotions
> Acknowledgement, appreciation & praise
> How to respond with empathetic guidance
> Relevant roleplays

4.5 hours (exercise heavy) various formats
POLAR Overview

Understanding innate human empathy is the key which unlocks advantage in:

> Insight mining
> Customer intimacy
> Storytelling
> Persuasion & influence
> Decision making
> Emotional connection
> Brand bonding

3 hour session

POLAR Overview

Core driver of empathy towards customer:
> Design resonant offers
> Compelling messaging
> Responsive sales
> Positive people interactions
> Intuitive digital touchpoints
> Seamless logistics
> Strong relationships
> Issues resolution

3 hour session
> Neuroscience of empathy overview
> Emotion concepts
> How emotion drives us
> Self awareness
> Social intelligence
> Non verbal communication
> Identifying and articulating emotions
> Healthy emotional regulation
> Wellbeing strategies

2 hour session

Building a Safe, Robust Culture
Managing Challenging Conversations

New Project Teams

Customer Service Deep Dive
Preventing Burnout in Caregivers

> How we treat each other (including green flag / red flag exercise)
> Define behaviours for senior leadership to consistently model
> Transparency, surfacing and responding to challenging issues
> Cultivating respectful disagreement
> Building trust signals
> Anti bias protocols

90 – 120 minute session

Build on the POLAR (empathy) model to ask for change and accountability
> Leaning in to difficult conversations
> Creating clarity with shared understanding
> Allowing people to uncover and commit to their own solutions
> Roleplays and scenarios

3 hours (roleplay heavy) various formats

Apply empathy principles to rapid trust and collaboration building by combining:

> Empathy building icebreaker exercises
> Defining team behaviour (how we treat each other)
> Trust building exercises
> An engaging team bonding exercise to apply empathy principles

3 hour session

Embed empathy across customer service interactions for brand bonding

> Improve empathetic listening for CSO’s
> Ensure customer concerns are satisfactorily acknowledged
> Respond with empathy first before moving to problem solving.

2.5 hour session

Using self empathy to build resilience in direct caregivers

> Prioritising self care strategies
> Building positive wellbeing habits to support yourself
> Learning how to care but not carry
> Boundary setting and maintaining
2 hour session

Learn the P.O.L.A.R. Model of Intelligent Empathy

How to train empathy? At Elevate Empathy we devised a simple, memorable model to understand and practice the 5 skills of empathy.



Self awareness, emotional literacy and emotional regulation

How Empathy Training Could Work for You ….

Culture transformation:

>> Retain valuable team members
>> People under pressure
>> Need more collaboration
>> Supporting diversity initiatives

Managers’ people skills:

>> Building positive group norms
>> Listening, guidance and relationships
>> People managers wanting a confidence boost

Teams in transition:

>> New manager of existing team
>> Newly formed or merged teams
>> New project teams learning to work together

Teams who support customers:

>> Customer experience or policy teams
>> Customer service teams (especially “fixers”)
>> Insight, design and innovation teams

Why Train Your Team in Empathy?

Our fast paced, engaging workshops can embed the fundamental skills of empathy for your team. Everyone can improve their set level of empathy in one practical, interactive session. The evidence is piling up – empathy can bring your team closer and make them happier and more effective

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The Upside of Empathy